Who are we?

We are an international team and have turned our passion for foreign languages into a profession. After studying our favourite language(s), we started working as translators and/or language trainers.

Our core team lives in the Görlitz/Zittau area, where we have been working for more than ten years. Other members of our team travel throughout Germany and around the world.

At the same time, our learning never stops: every new assignment is a further training for ourselves, because:

Languages broaden your horizons

Why we do what we do

We love languages, teaching and translating because:

  • in this way we ourselves always get to know new things and people,
  • we would like to help others to have this great experience themselves,
  • language is the central key to communication, and
  • after all, it’s communication that ultimately connects us.

What is kommunikeet?

We want people to talk to each other and understand each other.


“Let’s communicate!”

Or as we say in Saxony: “Let’s kommunikeet!”

Our language trainers



Certified Graduate Translator English
Trainer for English & Polish

“For successful and appreciative communication, you need language. Even if it is not your own.

If I can contribute to such a kind of communication, my work as a language trainer and translator has a meaning.“


HR Manager

Trainer for English & Spanish

“What I like about teaching is that I am often a pupil and a teacher at the same time. Interests and experience are so different, and there is always something to learn!

What I wish for my participants: That they can learn a new language or use their language skills in a relaxed atmosphere and with a lot of humour.“


Translator English
Trainer for English & Spanish

“What I enjoy most about teaching is coming into contact with people from different backgrounds and broadening my general knowledge by learning from them, too.

It is important to me that we meet as equals in the course.”


Trainer for English & Spanish

“I love seeing how students improve their understanding and their ability to express their ideas or opinions.

It’s important to me to condense the information in class so that the rules are easy to understand, so that learners can apply them quickly in real-life situations.”


Trainer for English & Persian

“Every new course is an adventure and there is nothing more exciting for me than meeting new people on this journey.

I use authentic materials such as videos, song and story books to get the students interested in the language and the culture behind it.


Trainer for German as a Foreign Language

“I like experiencing “other worlds” through my clients, with whom I can also broaden my horizons. When I see language progress and the joy that results from it, I know why I love teaching.

When teaching, it is important for me to include everyday situations and to be able to laugh at my own mistakes.”


Trainer | Certified Translator for German & Polish

“To me, language is not only a tool for communication, but also a living expression of culture, emotion and identity. When translating, my focus is on transferring words from one language to another, as well as preserving the subtle nuances and cultural contexts.

When teaching, I focus on creating a learning environment that is both informative and inspiring. The focus is always on the individual needs of the students. Their progress, especially the practical application of the language and their enthusiasm, is my greatest motivation.


Trainer for English & Ukrainian

“I really enjoy teaching because it gives me an opportunity to meet so many new people from all over the world.

It’s also very rewarding when you see how the students progress and feel more confident while using the language.


Trainer for German & Polish

“Learning a language is like an adventurous journey: you know the destination and yet you are fascinated by what you get to experience along the way.

My teaching style is designed to make this journey efficient.

What I like about teaching is that I can always discover new routes.


Trainer for English & Russian

“I want to share my knowledge and learn new ways of looking at things.

In class, I don’t want to leave any questions unanswered and I want to make learning the language as easy as possible for my clients.


Trainer for Italian

“In my Italian lessons, it is important for me to teach the learners exactly what they need so that they take away as much concrete input from the lessons as possible.

Using communicative methods and the right digital tools, in my classes we approach Italian step by step, learning the language in a natural way.”